Bridgekeeper Introduction

Bridgekeeper was the first android app that I started working from scratch early in 2011.  This is a game based on the original Bridgekeeper game I developed with GameMaker which had two major releases begining in 2001.  It was a minigame based on an MMORPG called NexusTK.  Between a 2002 a  game graphics patch and better programming skills, a second version was in order.  Exactly ten years later I rediscovered this game in an archive folder, and decided to try and build it once more on a mobile platform.  This proved to be a little more challenging than I expected, so it sat on the back-burner which allowed me to release my first app (Lexx Soundboard) to be completed(?) and released into the Android market.


Lexx Soundboard 0.3.0 Release

A very obvious feature came across my feedback email earlier this week;  the ability to save the sound clips as ringtones.  I did some research on android forums and websites too see how other people may have been implementing this feature.  Fortunately enough for me, it wasn’t very difficult.  For this release, there is a new event for long presses on the sound buttons that opens a popup window for saving to your phone/memory card.

Lexx Soundboard 0.2.4 Release

By popular request (three, but hey I’ll take it!) “Yo Way Yo” has been added to the soundboard under the title “Brunnen-G”.  I am currently in the process of adding another batch of clips, and hopefully an interface upgrade in the near future.  As always, feel free to send requests to !

Update (12-12-2011): I received one more request to be able to save the sound clips as ringtones.  I believe this is a reasonable feature, and will look into deploying it.

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