Lexx Soundboard 0.3.4 Release

Updating this app to be able to set sound clips as notification tones was easier than I expected.  The way that it was originally built, it already saved the clips in a way that you could use them as notification sounds in the Android Sound Settings.  I only needed to add the logic to be able to set them as the default.

Secondly, I needed to change the way the select box works since from what I can see regular alert boxes only support three options (positive, neutral, negative).  Instead I implemented a list select box which would allow as many options as necessary.

Lexx Soundboard Request

I’m always happy to see a feature request from the android market, along with a few good reviews!  Most recently there was a request to save the sounds as a notification.  While it should be possible to do with a few work arounds, and a file management app, I don’t see why this feature shouldn’t be easy to implement now that it is possible to save the clips as ringtones.  Hopefully I’ll be able to have something to release by the end of this weekend.

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