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Website Optimization

In my previous post about Used Boats Ahoy! I mentioned a Joomla plugin Mobile Joomla! and how it can detect mobile devices and display the website accordingly without having to redirect to a subdomain..

Unfortunately since I don’t have complete control of how things are displayed due to the nature of the services I’m using, I’ve had to resort to complex CSS, and other creative solutions.  It’s proven a little more difficult than I expected to format everything just right, but even so the mobile experience is much better now than it was before.  By getting back into the code for this website, I felt it was an ideal time to look into other ways to boost my site performance.

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Used Boats Ahoy!

The site Used Boats Ahoy! is probably my most popular project to date which hasn’t required much major attention in a little while.  The latest features I’ve added were first the Facebook like/share buttons, and then the Google +1 button.

With the current trends of smartphones though, this seems to be changing.  This site was not built with the mobile web in mind (although it’s not usable).  This is a trend that I can no longer ignore, since over the last two years, mobile traffic has been doubling. Read more »

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