Making it Rain in Cachemere

In a previous post (Overdue Updates) I mentioned working through some issues to help increase speed.  Of all the minor tweaks I did, I found the root causes of speed issues which were two-fold:

  • Web Service Calls
  • Generating SEO Friendly URLs

Thankfully, there was a way to help alleviate both problems with one solution, Cache.  I built caching functions into this Used Boats Ahoy!, but due to feed changes, they were not working exactly as intended.

  • Original Process (No Cache)
    • Page Request►Web Service Call►Process Feed►Display
  • Original Process (WithCache)
    • Page Request►Read Cache►Web Service Call*►Write Cache*►Process Data►Display Data
  • New Process
    • Page Request►Read Cache►Web Service Call*►Process Data*►Write Cache*►Display Data

* If needed

With this new process, the server will only have to call the Web Service and process the majority of the data only if the cache is out of date, or doesn’t exist yet.  Where many pages were taking 2 seconds to load previously, now take 0.3 seconds if being called from the cache.

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