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Lexx DVDs Converted Successfully

I converted all four seasons of Lexx using the free and open source ripping tool HandBrake.  The whole process took slightly longer than I expected, but I added a step of backing up all the raw ISO files because I wasn’t sure what settings to use to optimize the quality/compression ratio.  These DVDs were unusual because instead of having dual audio tracks, they contain complete separate copies of each video.  The DVD video title numbers were not consistent throughout the entire collection, so for each disc I needed to make a note of which title went to which episode.  The most time consuming part was the actual ripping process.  My desktop has 6GB memory and an Intel i7 processor, and ripping season 4 (24 episodes) maxed our my CPU and took about 3 hours.

Lexx DVD Collection

To follow through with my promise of adding new sound clips to my Lexx SoundBoard app, as well as add to my digital collection, I began converting my Lexx DVD collection into DivV starting with Season 2.  Disc one and disc two ripped without a hitch, but I got stuck with the third.  This is extremely surprising to me because I’ve taken extreme care of them, and they haven’t been touched for at least a few years.  Fortunately it didn’t contain any of my favorite episodes.  I didn’t notice any obvious scratches that I could blame the problem on, but I will have to try and solve this problem.  This will also give me a chance to research the best techniques for DVD conversion.

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