Lexx Soundboard 0.2.2 Release

First of all, I’m glad to see people still interested in Lexx!  If you don’t know what Lexx is, Hulu has full episodes for the watching, make it through few and you just might catch the bug.  I’ve been trying to get into the android app development for a little while now, and thought I’d try my luck with a soundboard side project.  Please keep in mind that this current version is more of a prototype right now than anything.  I’ll post the clips I’ve made soon, but if there are any suggestions as to what clips I should add, I’d definitely appreciate the feedback.

This app is available in the android market. You can use the following QR code, or use the android market website. Unfortunately I lost my android market key so this newer version you will have to uninstall any version older than 0.2.2 first. That was an unfortunate lesson to always keep backups for all certificates. While there isn’t a whole lot visually different in this version, I added a clip and the ability to scroll through the buttons (also makes it a lot easier to add new buttons).

Use QR Code, or download via the Android Market

Zev 1s01_e01_see_ya.mp3
Zev 2s01_e01_new_home.mp3
Stan 1s01_e01_cant_help_you.mp3
Stan 2s01_e01_fall_upon_me.mp3
Kai 1s01_e01_chirp.mp3
Kai 2s01_e01_chirp.mp3
Kai 3s01_e01_welcome_dark_zone.mp3
790 1s01_e01_forever.mp3
790 2s01_e01_dont_leave_me.mp3
790 3s01_e01_woman_of_my_dreams.mp3
Shadow 1s01_e01_served.mp3 Shadow 2s01_e01_avenge.mp3
Shadow 3s01_e01_kill_yourself.mp3
Shadow 4s01_e01_not_fail_again.mp3
Disguisess01_e01_fool_you.mp3 Freeze Drieds01_e01_freeze_dried.mp3
Guards 1s01_e01_hail_thoden.mp3
Guards 2s01_e01_return_our_weapons.mp3
Bug Bombs01_e01_lost_head.mp3
The Brainss01_e01_prophecy.mp3
Prophets01_e01_time.mp3 Exit Codes01_e01_exit_code.mp3
Thodens01_e01_i_thoden.mp3  Brunnen-Gs01_e01_time.mp3

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