Overdue Updates

Over the last few weeks I have been performing some much needed maintenance on the Used Boats Ahoy! website.  I originally had much more ambitious plans for this website, but I decided to start with an interim solution.

Used Boats Ahoy! is built on top of Joomla 1.5, which has become obsolete by a few versions.  I began researching on how to bring it up to version, but unfortunately there are currently too many ties to deprecated APIs to upgrade.  This led me to starting a fresh branch which will eventually replace the current project.  I decided for the time being, updating the current project made the most sense.

Change Summary

  • SEO updates to URL rewriting
  • Update link exchange pages
  • PageSpeed improvements
    • Google Adsense script loading asynchronously
    • FaceBook API loading asynchronously
  • Boat Search “Modify Search” populates search criteria
  • Formatting fixes

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