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Lexx Soundboard 0.2.3 Release

There was a problem with some devices handling the way the sound clip was playing which caused some phones to force close.  Fortunately the solution is also a good added feature to stop the current clip before playing the next.  The android market’s force close report is extremely helpful for developers, so if you ever encounter one in any app, do the creator a favor take the time to click report!

Lexx Soundboard 0.2.2 Release

First of all, I’m glad to see people still interested in Lexx!  If you don’t know what Lexx is, Hulu has full episodes for the watching, make it through few and you just might catch the bug.  I’ve been trying to get into the android app development for a little while now, and thought I’d try my luck with a soundboard side project.  Please keep in mind that this current version is more of a prototype right now than anything.  I’ll post the clips I’ve made soon, but if there are any suggestions as to what clips I should add, I’d definitely appreciate the feedback.

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Android Development

After a short history of application development, and a long history of web application development, I’ve decided to try my luck with the mobile platforms.  I’ve acquired a strong Java background, and have a few android devices to test on, I’ve decided that platform would be my best bet as a starting point.  I’ve always been a google fan, and earlier this year I picked up a Google Nexus One phone which just happens to be their current developer phone.

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